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Aero UI Kit

Re-defining flight control keybindings for a space simulation.

Aero UI Kit is a robust library of control artwork that represent different keybindings within one of my favorite space flight sims. I created the library to help myself and a friend tackle the steep learning curve that is required to play the game. These controls are designed for and can be mapped to interactive buttons on a Elgato's Stream Deck interface for a realistic and immersive flight experience. The platform allows for secondary button states so along side the primary artwork, there are alt states for a majority of the buttons.

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Crafting an immersive & modular flight control system.

The primary goal of this project was to no only help us develop an easier way to learn the flight controls, but also create a more immersive experience during our flights in game. Being able to have a touchscreen control interface alongside the standard HOTAS controls created a simple yet immersive experience during flight. The simple interface also made it easier for us to become more agile while engaged in conflicts throughout the game, making it easier to fire off countermeasures and execute evasive maneuvers.

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