The digital creative guy.

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John Wander.

As a UX designer and digital creative, my objective is to empower individuals in effectively communicating their message. With several years of experience in the industry, I have held highly engaged roles at three reputable creative agencies. I specialize in providing clients across the country with creative UI/UX solutions and strategies, leveraging my extensive background in graphic design. Additionally, my skill set extends to encompass photography, video production, animation, 3D modeling, and web development.

Outside of work, my interests go beyond design. I have a large amount of interest in music, technology, and spending time outdoors. These hobbies provide me with a well-rounded perspective and drive my passion for innovation. When I approach design, I try to reference my human experience as much as possible to provide a unique and valuable perspective while problem solving. It's this mix that keeps me excited and motivated to create something that not only looks good, but truely helps people reach their goals.