Exploration, 3D, Animation
3D / Motion

Kickass tools in my toolbelt.

I tap into 3D and motion when I need to take my design experiences the next level. Motion is a great way to illustrate interaction for clients along side prototypes and userflows. It's also a great for bringing life/character into otherwise static experiences. 3D comes in handy in a variety of different scenarios and has helped me provide a unique experience across the projects I create.

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A world of exploration.

One of my favorite elements of 3D and Motion are the hidden gems you find while iterating on an idea. You might have a specific way in your head of how you will define something only to discover a much more robust product once you see your idea in practice or after discovering you can do something you otherwise thought was not possible. Not only is this type of work fun, but it's self-inspiring which drives me to continue exploring and fabricating new ideas.

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